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Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT)


  • Follicular Unit Hair transplant is an autologous tissue transplant to which non-DHT affected hair follicles will be removed from back of head area, and to redistribute to thinning or bald area.
  • It is not creating new follicles but to reallocate the existing follicles to areas in need.
  • The newly transplanted hair follicles will not be affected by DHT, therefore they can continue normal hair growth cycle and will not shed again under the influence of DHT.

Advantage of FUT:

  • To determine amount of hair follicles required to cover the bald area and to mark out the area to be harvested at the donor area.
  • A strip of tissue containing hair follicles will be removed from the back of head under local anesthesia.
  • Medical staff will cautiously divide the individual hair follicles from harvested tissue under high power stereomicroscopes.
  • Incision sites are made at the recipient area.
  • Angles and depth of those incision sites are critical for having a natural result in the future.
  • Divided hair follicles will then be implanted into those well designed incision sites.
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