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Function of hair

Human scalp hair has its unique functions of providing physical protection to our scalp from external hazards such as UV light. Furthermore, having a head of healthy shiny hair reflects our youthfulness and adds attractiveness to our physical appearance.

Hair growth cycle:

There are around 100,000 – 150,000 hair follicles over our scalp when we were born, and each hair follicle has its unique growth cycle. Normally, 80% of scalp hair follicles are in active growing phase (Anagen Phase) which lasts around 2-4 years, then they will enter a dormant phase (Catagen Phase) where hair follicles stop producing hair shaft and this phase will last for about 3 weeks, finally they will enter a shedding phase (Telogen Phase) where old hair shaft with the regressed hair follicles will shed, it will happen over a period of three months, then a new hair cycle starts again.

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Around 90% of scalp hair follicles are in Anagen Phase and around 10% are in Telogen Phase, therefore having shedded around 100 hairs a day is considered to be normal, however if there has been unusually more hair shedded over a short period of time, says days and weeks, medical advice should be sought.

20% of men in their second decades are experiencing hair loss problem, 30% of those in their third decades have hair loss problem, and over 50% of men having hair loss issues when they reach their fifth decades.

Common causes of hair loss in men:

Family Physicians:

If you suspect having acute hair loss problem, you should not hesitate to seek medical advice.