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Dietary for Hair

Hair needs nutrients as much as your body does. Over-dietary control is a common phenomenon in the community especially for the younger generations, this is considered to be one of the common causes of excessive hair loss or hair breakage. So, what are the vital elements in keeping our hair at healthy state?

Excessive perming and dyeing hair can cause damage to hair shaft. For those having dry hair should consider to apply conditioner for moisturizing effect after hair wash.

Salmon fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12, protein and irons which are all the vital building elements of hair shaft formation and keeping hair with its shiny texture. Oysters and beef contains good amount of naturally occurred anti-oxidants, like Zinc and Selenium.

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Protein deficiency is one of the major reasons why hair shaft breaks easily. Chicken, turkey and eggs are excellent choices of food containing food quality and amount of protein. Moreover, egg also contains Vitamin B complex, B12 in particular, which is important element for healthy and shiny hair shaft.

Selenium is another important mineral for maintaining healthy hair growth. Walnut contains α-Linolenic acid, ALA, omega-3 and Zinc, these nutrients are crucial for normal shininess of hair texture.

However, our dietary habit has been changing over the years. We now tend to enjoy more junk food, fast food or over-preserved food, they contain various preservatives which leads to nutrient imbalance, and ending up having poor quality hair with breakage and deteriorated hair texture.